New Year = New Website & New Features

Here at the Punch Monkey Productions head office we strive to be on the cutting edge of technology. We love pushing the boundaries and believe that this will set us apart from other photobooths in the Vancouver area.

Here are some of the latest features we have added:

Brand New Website  Our new site is more streamlined, looks beautiful & is mobile friendly (go ahead check us out on your phone). We have also added private galleries and plenty of places for you to leave your comments, just like below. HINT HINT.

The Punch Monkey Photobooth website

The new Punch Monkey Photobooth website was launched Jan 1st 2014

Text Your Photo  We tested this feature with overwhelming success over the Christmas rush. Not only did it become peoples’ preferred method for receiving their photos, it was also the quickest method and normally took less then 30 seconds. (Yikes!!…. that’s quicker than printing)

Send your photo via SMS

Now you can receive you photo via text message (SMS/MMS)

Photo Printing – You asked for it, so we delivered. We added a compact photo printer that prints your photos in under 1 minute. The photos are lab quality,water-resistant, and can last up to 100 years! Look for the Analog Package under the Rates menu.

Add photo printing to you event

Punch Monkey offers state of the art photo printing.

Near Field Communication (NFC) – So this one’s a bit nerdy but we did it anyway. In most situations there is a WiFi connection available that the photobooth connects to in order to send your photos digitally. However, in the unlikely event that there is not one available we simply create a WiFi hot spot from our phone’s data connection. We added a NFC tag to the photobooth that automates this process; we simply hold the phone up to the booth, and wait for it to ‘bing’ signalling that it has read the tag. A WiFi hot spot is created and the photobooth connects automatically.

NFC - Near Field Communication

NFC automation – just one way Punch Monkey is staying ahead of the rest.

Oh yeah, one last thing. In our previous update we mentioned that we were hopefully getting name badges. Well, we now have name badges; so our Punch Monkey Professionals now look more …well… professional.

Punch Monkey Name Badges

Punch Monkey Photobooth Professionals wear name badges

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