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With the latest update to the Portable Photo Parlour software, users now have the choice of how they would like to receive their photo; Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

To accommodate this change I also added an all-in-one keyboard and mouse. The new additions proved to be well received by everybody that tried it at the KHATSAHLANO! Music & Art Festival.

I also purchased some softboxes (lighting equipment) to use with Photo Parlour. They added a nice soft but bright constant light that helped compensate for the daylight and in general enhanced the overall picture quality.

I also introduced a new game called ‘The Photobooth Challenge’. The idea of the game is quite simple and some of you may have played it with me. However, for those of you that have not here is how it is played:

The Photo Parlour takes 4 photos, before each photo there is a 5 second countdown.
People need to pose for the first photo, then within the 5 second countdown they need to run to the Tickle Trunk, change costumes and make it back in front of the Photo Parlour before it takes a photo without them.

People had a lot of fun playing this game and I had a lot of fun watching people play.

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