I recently attended the Commercial Drive, Car Free Day festival. I had the Portable Photo Parlour (Photo Booth) set up and I tried out one of my new features with great success.

So what was the new feature? Glad you asked.

Up until recently any photo that was taken with the Portable Photo Parlour was uploaded to the Punch Monkey Photography Facebook page. However, at this event I gave people the ability to upload the photo directly to their own Facebook wall. This allowed their friends to immediately comment, tag and share the pictures.
I had a number of people whip out their smart phones and interact with the photos straight away.

To me, I classify this as a big success as that was exactly what I wanted when I started this company. I wanted to make an excellent product that was in line with the current technology. In other words take the idea of a photo booth which has not changed much over the years and give it a 21st century twist. SUCCESS.

I also attended Caitlin & Steve’s wedding and used another new feature. This time the guests were prompted to enter their email address after the photos were taken, then the photos were emailed directly to the guests. After the wedding I also uploaded all of the photos to the Punch Monkey Photography website and Facebook page, just in case people mistyped their email address.

Lessons Learned

I believe that it is good practice to learn something from each event and if possible implement a change so that the next event can be even better. So what did I learn this time?

With better lighting, I get better quality photos. I have now ordered 2 softboxes that will give me more than adequate lighting and will improve the overall quality of the photos. It will also reduce blur as people try to ‘photo-bomb’ each other.

People enjoy the new capabilities that I have introduced. However, I was using an older keyboard and mouse which did the job fine. However, I feel did not match the beauty of the Photo Parlour. As a result I have ordered a sexy new wireless keyboard with a built-in mouse. When it arrives I will attach it to the Photo Parlour.

My next event will be the KHATSALANO! Music & Arts festival in Kits on the 21st of July. Come and enjoy this free festival and make sure you stop by to have your photo taken.

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