This monkey’s got a new face

Punch Monkey Photography’s Photo Parlour just got a make over. It now has a much larger screen, faster processor and HD camera. It also comes with a range of different photo effects to enhance your photo parlour photos.

I have been slowly upgrading different components over the last 6 months to make the photo parlour run a lot smoother and ultimately be a better user experience.

The first thing I changed was the camera. The one I had in there originally was the Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF; Which is a great HD Camera. However, I found that I was having problems with the face recognition aspect of the camera. The camera is designed to follow your face as you move around, which means there are a lot of unnecessary moving parts that the Photo Parlour just didn’t need. It also annoyed me because I had to realign the camera through the computer rather then just moving it into place with my hand.

It now has installed the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema HD.

Next I upgraded the screen. I wanted to move the screen up so it was closer to the camera. Naturally people look at the screen while the photo was taken, because of this it would make it look like people were looking down or had their eyes closed. By installing a larger screen (22” Portrait) I was able to bring the users eyes up to the height of the camera thus making the end photo look better as people now look into the camera.

The Last thing I did was upgrade the computer. Originally I used a an old Sony Vaio laptop, This served its purpose very well. However, I wanted to speed up the computer’s processor to reduce any blur in the photos. So out with the old and in with the new (A Dell Laptop that is built for speed).

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